Eye care

Eye care

The eye area is the most fragile part of the face and it is also the one that ages quickly. Wrinkles, bags, dark circles: the eye area is the seat of several problems. Choosing the right eye moisturizer and finding a handmade mask recipe are two ways to fight them.


What are the eye contour issues?

If it is not necessary to apply eye care too early, from a certain age, it is essential to prevent rather than cure.

Wrinkles: targeted care for the eye area

The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and yet it is the most used during the day. We talk, laugh and inevitably squint our eyes thousands of times a day. So that from the twenties, we start to have charming expression lines. Which, over the years, end up becoming real wrinkles.

The first wrinkles, around 30 years, can also be marked more deeply on certain cases. The first reason is dehydration. Drinking water regularly and adopting a moisturizer around the eyes is, therefore, important to this age.

Over time, wrinkles can become notably marked. They can also be deeper, which is called the crow's feet. Reducing them and smoothing the eye area can bring freshness.

Dark circles

Dark circles affect everyone in a different way, notably according to their genetic heritage, they can darken over time. The micro-blood circulation under this very thin skin slows down. As you age, the eye area becomes hollow and dark circles appear more intensely. Again, proper care can slow this process down.

Bags under the eyes

Like dark circles, bags under the eyes, which are an accumulation of water and fat, also partly depend on an inherited nature. However, lifestyle, lack of sleep, and other factors, such as binge drinking or eating too much, can lead to puffiness.

Depending on the problem of the eye area that we want to fight as a priority, we must, therefore choose a specific product.

Creams, oils or gels, the best care for the eye area

Cream, oil, even gel, eye contour treatments are now numerous and offer different textures according to their needs and personal tastes.

Which moisturizer for the first wrinkles?

For the first wrinkles, which are often what are called expression lines or fine lines, it is useless to panic. In other words, do not use intense care products that are intended for older women, it would have a counterproductive effect and could swell your eye area.

First aid around the eyes must above all be hydrating. If the skin has sufficient water, the “first wrinkles” phase will remain light and this will also help repel the arrival of deeper wrinkles in the following years.


Which care for bags and dark circles?

For bags and dark circles, which are considered to be problems of congestion and poor microcirculation, care may be needed. Most of the time, the products are eye contour care "bags and dark circles". These offer both a decongestant freshness and a vitamin C and caffeine formulation that helps drain the lymphatic system under the eyes.

Which care for deep wrinkles?

In all cases, from the age of 35, more intense care is necessary to avoid the appearance of deeper wrinkles. Therefore, this is the solution to smooth them out: Retinol (natural vitamin A) is a good way to fill in wrinkles by stimulating cell renewal and the synthesis of collagen.


Eye contour mask, a natural recipe

One of the best ways to make your own eye mask is to use coffee powder as the main ingredient. Caffeine is a decongestant and improves blood micro-circulation, with an effect on three problems: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Mix a teaspoon of coffee grounds, half a teaspoon of honey and an egg white. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse very delicately with lukewarm water before applying a treatment.

Can vegetable oil be used in the eye area?

The use of vegetable oil on the eye area is not formally contraindicated. Avocado oil, for example, is recommended to slow the appearance of wrinkles thanks, in particular, to its level of phytosterols.

However, the use of oil for the eye area can be problematic for some people by causing swelling of the lower eyelid.



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