3 Pair Magic EyeLashes Kit

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If you are looking for an extensive dramatic look, then our Magic Eyelashes Kit is the perfect place. This eyeliner and lashes kit is effortless and lasts the whole day.

  • The Magic Eyelashes Kit comes with a magic eyeliner, mascara, and 3 unique styles of eyelashes that allow you to slay any style of makeup. It can be reused over 20 times.
  • Create your PerfctEye look with our collection of liquid Eyeliner and Mascara. Enjoy lashes that enhance your eyes. PerfctEye has created a New Tech of using special film-former tech that needs no glue, non-magnetic and smudge-proof. The mascara isn't flaky, smudging nor clumping. Forget the headache of getting expensive lash extensions, buy your kit and pop one right on within seconds. 
  • The Eyelashes are lightweight, 100% real hair, and comfortable. With perfect curvature and shape, they enhance your eye, making your eyes stand out at every occasion. 

The Eyelashes Kit includes tthree different eyelash styles:

  • Zanzibar: Our natural lash set that'll slay your everyday look. 
  • Madrid: Semi-dramatic lash set would not only enhance your eyes, but it will also turn heads. 
  • London: Dramatic lash set which has everything you could possibly want in a 'dramatic' look; Thickness, Length, and Volume. This style is nothing short of a more "hypnotizing look"  


  • Lightweight.
  • Can be removed with any eye makeup remover.
  • Easy to use 
  • Can be used up to 20 times or more
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